High Academic Standards


鶹AV offers a no-cost, well-balanced education for kindergarten through 8th grade. The curriculum is aligned with research-based common-core standards with access to the latest technology learning platforms to augment classroom instruction. Each student has access to a Chromebook (free) to support their learning and education while at 鶹AV.  An iReady block is built into each day to support students in filling in educational gaps, honing their test-taking skills, and diving deeper into their more challenging subject areas with support from teachers and educational aids.

The result of these efforts and programs has seen

year-over-year academic growth at 鶹AV.

 Magonista Values

Diligent: Magonistas always give the maximum effort in anything they do. They never leave a task unfinished and always take ownership of an issue. 

United: Magonistas will work together to meet their collective social, intellectual and cultural goals. They understand that they are a part of a community and they work to educate and create a more just society. 

Problem Solvers: Magonistas use their logic and reasoning skills to solve all problems in a thorough and peaceful manner to create positive change.

Dignified: Magonistas act with self respect and respect others. They act with integrity and know that they will do what is right regardless of the circumstances; they seek and speak the truth. 

Humble: Magonistas are willing to listen and understand that another's reasonable opinions or views deserve respect. Magónistas are generous and they always value their roots. They are confident in their abilities and in the beauty of their community, but they are never arrogant. 

Who was Ricardo Flores Magón? 

It is a common practice among public schools throughout the United States to name their schools after prominent figures in history. It has also been common for schools to name their facility after a historical figure that represents the community in which the school is located. Because the majority of the students attending the Ricardo Flores Magón Academy are of Mexican descent, and that we expect a college education to be in each one of their futures, it is important that the name of the school represent the community, and is someone that the students can look up to and seek to emulate on their journey to higher education.

It is tempting for a school with a high Mexican population to name the school after Pancho Villa or Emiliano Zapata – arguably the two most identifiable figures in Mexican history. However, we believe that it is important for the school to not only be named after someone of historical significance, but someone that used his intellect to succeed. Ricardo Flores Magón was a man that used his mind from an early age, attending the university, studying law, becoming a noted journalist. Magón used the power of literacy – spoken and written – to save the Mexican people from the oppressive dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz and is recognized as the key figure that started the Mexican Revolution to liberate the Mexican people. Magón’s struggles and beliefs led him to a life of both enlightenment and imprisonment, but throughout his life he remained true to his beliefs and used civil disobedience rather than violence to express his ideas and viewpoints.

With the inspiration of Magón, students at the Academy will be encouraged to move beyond the restrictions of the limited circumstances into which they may have been born, while never needing to choose to leave behind their cultural heritage as they prepare for high school, college, and beyond.

 Magonista Sayings 

  • Magonista choices are just choices and just choices build a just society. 
  • Dialogue is a prerequisite for peace. 
  • Magonistas are taught right, therefore they must act right. 
  • If Magonistas choose it, another world is  possible. 
  • If there is injustice, Magonistas listen and speak out. 

鶹AV's New Building

Ricardo Flores Magón Academy received the BEST Grant in March, 2018. The state funds and the help of Adams County, the Colorado Charter School Institute, Great Outdoors Colorado, Colorado Homeland Security, and Private Funders made it possible for us to build a new, state-of-the art facility that is located in our current lot. The new building opened its doors in August, 2020 for the 20-21 School Year. 

The space includes the following: 

  • Modern gymnasium
  • Makerspace 
  • Innovative instructional technology
  • Small group rooms 
  • Stage

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